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Electrical and solar thermal systems

Our company, in Pordenone, is able to offer our customers a wide range of services with the utmost care, technology and high quality. The materials used in the installation of electrical systems come exclusively from leading manufacturers, all certified and conform to strict product standards and quality.

To gain the maximum satisfaction and trust of our customers, we set ourselves as main objective to follow our orders carefully in all their stages. It is possible to start from a draft provided by the client or carry out inspections on site in order to create a customized project provided with leading software on the market, submitting afterwards a commercial offer illustrated in detail.


We build solar thermal systems through the medium of heat pumps that use the thermal energy present in ambient air as a source of domestic hot water heating. The use of such technology allows reducing considerably the expenditure for hot water production in a simple and securing way. The pump is provided with two coils: the first one for integration with solar panels, and the second one, on the upper side, for integration with other energy source.

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Photovoltaic power systems

SOLUZIONI TECNOLOGICHE E MULTISERVIZI supplies and installs the most suitable system for you, providing an appropriate size according to the needs of your family. We follow for you all the project phases until the GSE contribution dispense. Furthermore, we use ITALIAN products which increase the incentive of 10%.


Photovoltaic technology allows to directly convert into electricity the energy associated with solar irradiation. It exploits the so-called photovoltaic effect, based on the properties of some semiconductor materials (including the silicon, widespread element in nature) which, when suitably processed and interfaced, are able to generate electricity when hit by the solar radiation. Thanks to this technology, there is no use of fossil fuels, hence no emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.

The PV modules are the heart of the system. They are composed of solar cells connected together in series or in parallel; such links are called strings. On the back of the module is placed a junction box that collects the electricity produced. A set of modules, electrically connected to each other, constitutes the photovoltaic module, which, in turn, is connected to an inverter that converts the direct current into alternating current generated by the module. The latter is then fed into the electricity network. The set of PV modules, mechanical components, electrical and electronic equipment forms the solar photovoltaic system.



Selling of PV and solar thermal systems, wiring and servicing


Planning and management of paperwork for GSE incentive and deductions.


construction of PV and solar thermal plants, also roof integrated.


Maintenance of existing plants and any other customer needs.

Solar thermal system "Solar", custom-cut solutions for every situation

uses Sunerg Solar products, Italian manufacturer of photovoltaic modules. Sunerg Solar announced the achievement from ICIM of the "Factory Inspection" certificate for its plant in Citta di Castello (PG), stating that the modules have been produced in compliance with the highest environmental and social standards. The certification ensures the access to the premium of 10% on Quarto Conto Energia tariffs for systems that have employed at least 60% of photovoltaic components "Made in EU".


  • SOLUZIONI TECNOLOGICHE E MULTISERVIZI supplies and installs the most suitable system for your needs, connecting it to the existing unit. Our staff, trained with courses at Eurosatellite school (registration N° 1110FV), will follow for you all the phases of design and installation, and will assist you in the process of obtaining the 55% tax deduction.