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Promotion, distribution and installation of electrical systems

Leading company in promotion, distribution and installation of civil and industrial plants using technological systems, such as micro-cogeneration, high-quality thermal and photovoltaic solar panels for the exploitation of renewable energy, energy saving and sustainable development, we offer turnkey installations, necessary documentation and application for 55% tax deduction included, highly specialized and certified staff.


All Technologies
and Innovation for you

We will be glad to offer you our best offer!
Unbeatable Prices and quality

We offer our customers a complete design support,
from the feasibility study to the realization. The design choices
are oriented to the demands of customers with particular attention to
final production costs and reliability,
without sacrificing quality and performance of the system.
Courtesy, reliability and efficiency are our winning elements.

For the up-keep and monitoring of our panels, we use interface systems which guarantee safety and total customer satisfaction.

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Professionalism, commitment and reliability. Ad-hoc solutions to meet any demand.

SOLUZIONI TECNOLOGICHE E MULTISERVIZI installs power plants and transmission, distribution and utilization systems within buildings starting from the delivery point of energy provided by power supplier; electronic systems such as radio, TV and TV-SAT antennas; atmospheric discharge protection systems; weightlifting systems such as people and goods lifts; fire protection, security and air-conditioning systems (Daikin – LG – Hitachi).